Top 10 customer purchased lotions of 2013

Every year new dozens of new lotions come out, with new technology, and we are often just as excited as many customers to try out the new products and are sometimes shocked at which lotions customers absolutely love. Even more shocking are the lotions that are not brand new that still remain as top-sellers and customer and employee faves. These are the top lotions purchased in 2013 from thousands of customers nationwide.


10. HD Marilyn (Step 2) Optimizer Bronzer ($110)

The HD line of lotions has been California Tan’s most successful branding yet. Lotions named after Hollywood starlets, fresh scents, and sporting technology that helps even our skin tone while producing deep rich color has shown to be a winning combination for customers. It’s no surprise then that the most written about starlet in the world has reached our Top 10 in lotions as the most purchased and loved HD lotion ever. The HD Marilyn is the most advanced HD lotion ever made. It by all accounts smells amazing, gives amazing color with the ‘optimizer bronzer’ technology, and sports an ourstanding 22 bronzers.














9. Expose Luxe Body Lotion (Step 3) ($35)

The Expose line is fully represented in the top lotions with 3 different Expose lotions making up the Top 10. The Expose Step 3 Body Lotion is the only Step 3 (Tan Extender) to make it to the top. Step 3’s have become more popular as the technology of these lotions has advanced. Step 3’s are after care products, used at home, that replace the exact nutrients in the skin that is lost in the tanning process, as well as feed the skin what it uses to produce a tan, extends tanning and sunless tanning results, and keeps your tan looking deep and more natural, and works to reverse the aging process. The Expose Step 3 is different from the others as it is a rich lotion sporting Shea and Pumpkin Butters as well as luxurious moisturizers. It contains age reversing technology (Renovage) as well as soothing antioxidant rich Coconut Water.








8. HD Mann Bronzer (Step 2) ($94)

The HD Mann is a real man’s lotion. Fresh clean scents, deep rich bronzers, light and quick absorbing…it is a guy’s product. Smelling like you just got out of the shower is a big bonus to our men who love to tan but not smell like they did. Most guy products on the market skimp on the skincare or just change fragrances…not this one. Guys have thicker skin and require different delivery systems for nutrients. The HD Mann has this covered by delivering just what a guy needs to keep his skin hydrated with the latest in Anti-aging, skin smoothing, and deep, natural tanning results. To our shock, many women buy these products for themselves as the deep color development is immediately apparent after just a few uses. With a companion Step 1 and a Body Wash, this product has been a fan favorite since the day it came out.








7. HD Fab ($98)

When the HD Fab came out it was in our top spot for quite some time. It was only a few of the Step 1’s that had a bronzer (17 of them), and the results employees and customers get the first tan was not seen previously in a Step 1 lotion quite like it was with the HD Fab. It’s scent was the clincher though. A non-traditional fresh fragrance, rich moisturizers, and  amazing tanning technology made for one popular lotion. The HD Fab is only 1 out of 2 Step 1’s in our Top 10 and for good reason…it is amazing. It also makes a fantastic pairing with HD Marilyn Step 2 listed above.











6. Puritea ($60)

Usually with natural products you have a trade out. Smells, results, etc. don’t always stack up to traditional products. This is not the case with the Puritea which has become a homerun hit due to the fact that it has one of the cleanest smells, deepest most natural looking bronzers, fair and mid level price point, and feels amazing on the skin…oh did we mention it is also 95% natural? The level of anti-oxidants in this lotion is very impressive as well, stacking up to some big name brands sold for almost twice the price at retail stores. This natural product is truly where science and nature meet to produce the next generation of products that exceed our expectations and have us question what a lotion should be and what we really want out of a product.







5. JWOWW Black 50x Bronzer ($75)

When we learned that the Jersey Shore famed Jennifer Farley (JWOWW) was making a lotion, we were curious as to how the lotion would work, feel, etc. Would it be a quality product people would love, or would it be a celebrity gimmick? We were leaning towards gimmick until…we tried it! With the power of the largest tanning lotion manufacturer in the world behind her (Australian Gold), JWOWW shocked us all by coming out with a lotion that was not just good, but amazing. Her lotions are always special products. She spends weeks meeting with chemists at AG headquarters, choosing ingredients, and even designs all of her own packaging herself. Her dedication shows in the careful delivery of the top ingredients, unprecedented bronzers, and amazing fragraces. JWOWW has graced us with several iterations at this point, and each one seems to be better than the next. There’s another JWOWW product in the Top 10, but we won’t spoil it just yet and let you scroll down to see where it placed.



4. California Tan Color Maximizer ($25)

A sunless product in the Top 5??? What? If you haven’t ever done sunless, you really don’t know what you’re missing. It’s a weeks worth of tanning in just a few minutes, and the Color Maximizer has quickly become the most loved product of all time. Employees who spray say they will not spray without it, it’s that good. It is the type of accelerator that shows immediate results by accelerating your spray tan development, deepens the color by allowing the spray to absorb deeper into the skin, evens out skin texture for sunless, and helps the spray results last longer. The fact that it has the most amazing smell we’ve ever carried probably doesn’t hurt either. It’s not a lotion, but a light, clear gel applied immediately before doing a sunless tan. It adds amino acids used during the development of your spray to ensure you get the deepest, most natural-looking color imaginable. The Maximizer is easily our most re-purchased lotion that customers come back and get again and again! With the new 360degree spray version coming out in mid to late 2013 we expect the Maximizer to become even more popular and move up in placings by the end of the year!




3. Expose Au Naurel Bronzer (Step 1) ($45)

With the Expose Body Lotion (#9 above) being so popular, customers demanded an actual tanning lotion. They couldn’t get enough and wanted to be able to use their expose in the bed, not just at home. Thus the Step 1 Expose was born! With the rich Shea and Pumpkin Butters, the Age Reversing technology, California Tan wanted to make it more than just an amazing moisturizer. The Expose Step 1 is packed with Cal Tan’s proprietary ‘Vitatan Complex’ which feeds the skin what it uses to produce melanin, as well as being only one of a few Step 1’s to actually contain a bronzer. This lotion not only helps you produce an amazing deep tan, it helps improve skin texture, tonality, and neutralizes free-radicals. It’s what we’d call a triple-threat lotion!















2. Expose Luxe Bronzer (Step 2) ($65)

Yep. That’s right…another Expose lotion! This one rounds out the 3rd Expose lotion on this list! Why is this one more popular than the other 2 and second in line in our Top 10? One word…color! Packed with Copper Dioxide and Tissue Respiratory Factors, your color is bronzed instantly and melanin is flooded with pure oxygen deepening your tone. Add to this deep bronzers and Expose’s famous Shea and Pumpkin Butters, as well as the Renovage Age Reversing technolgy and you can see why it is so loved. Also, the smell is amazing as are the other Expose products. We think a scratch and sniff monitor should be invented simply to be able to smell this lotion all day while at the office. We hope you are listening Dell.







#1 LOTION: JWOWW One-and-Done Advanced Black Bronzer ($68)

This one was not really a surprise to us. While Jersey Shore may not dominate the airwaves as it once did, JWOWW defintely dominates the tanning industry. As the #1 selling lotion to both customer AND employees we cannot express how much we love this lotion. It’s the culmination of decades of tanning lotion research by powerhouse and #1 tanning lotion manufacturer Australian Gold, and true dedication from an actual tanner in Jennifer Farley (JWOWW) who helped bring this product to fruition. With yogurt based infused with pear and black currant, as well as essential oils, and an unprecedented proprietary bronzing system (guaranteed to get you tan in just one use) it’s easy to see why this lotion has skyrocketed into the #1 spot so quickly. This is JWOWW’s 5th tanning product and we like to say the 5th time is the charm! She and Australian Gold have outdone themselves with a truly unique, one-of-a-kind, special, and outstanding product that will change what you think tanning lotion can do for your tan. If you’re a skeptic about using a tanning lotion…you’ve obviously never tried this one.


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